comprises 800 titles from 84 countries in 40 languages and is aimed at an international target audience in Switzerland. YourMail prints daily newspapers from all over the world, often even before they appear on the newsstands in their country of origin. Delivered in a plastic wrapper, by courier for speed, either as a one-off copy or by subscription for a minimum of three months. Prices on request.

Whether by subscription or as a one-off purchase: it is for certain that no luxury hotel, internationally active company, prestigious business centre or service company can afford to be without this offer. Your guests, customers, visitors and executives will be grateful to you.

Costs and logistical details
All costs depend on the choice of titles and the number of copies, the time and place of delivery. No problem: simply let us know what you want and we will be pleased to work out a detailed quotation for you.

YourMail will be in touch with you shortly to clarify the details and just to make sure that everything runs smoothly.
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